The holidays are fast approaching, and everyone at work is getting ready for some time off (unless you’re in retail… we feel your pain). This is a great time of year to show your coworkers and team some appreciation, and, let’s be real, the cheese and sausage box the company sent just doesn’t do it.

If you’re seeking gifts for your coworkers or your team, there are many great lists of gift ideas for coworkers out there, but it’s so disappointing when you click over to the website to find the item is sold out or that you cannot get it in time for the holidays.

If you waited too long to do your shopping, fear not! We have compiled a list to aid your gifting (and cover up your procrastination)! Our gift selections are all:

-still available (as of the publishing time of this post)

-available where you live or will guarantee shipment to you (in the U.S. ) within 1-2 business days

-useful and / or enjoyable

-$25 or less, so they won’t bust your budget!


  1. Contigo Travel Mug – $15-$20 (depending on color)


This mug is perfect for nearly anyone, from those who walk 5 blocks to work to those who are road warriors. The Autoseal lid prevents leaks and spills, so even if your coworkers are not heavy travelers, it is great for preventing spills at desks. You can even throw this travel mug in your laptop bag upside down and everything will still be dry. It also works for both hot and cold beverages, so it can be used and enjoyed by nearly anyone. A vast color selection allows you to personalize a bit for your team members. Once they own this mug, the conference and company freebie ones will go to the back of the cupboard.

The Contigo Autoseal Travel Mug is available for purchase from Amazon with 1-2 day shipping options.


  1. Anker Portable Power Charger – $24


Measuring at 2.36 x 3.62 x 0.87 in, the Anker Portable Charger is a great gift for anyone who carries a mobile device. Its small size makes it easy to always have on hand in case of low battery on a cell phone. It can charge both phones and tablets, and holds enough power for multiple charges. If you’re feeling extra generous this year, there’s a $40 version with 3 USB ports to charge multiple devices at once. This version also holds more power than its less expensive counterpart.

The Anker Portable Power Charger is available for purchase from Amazon with 1-2 day shipping options.


  1. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer – $9.99


This mug warmer is great for anyone who enjoys hot beverages, whether it be coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or something else. It will help your coworkers keep beverages warm. When they inevitably get busy or delayed in a meeting, they do not have to drink their cold coffee later. The surface wipes clean easily, so spills are easy to clean up if they do happen.

The Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer is available for purchase from Amazon with 1-2 day shipping options.


  1. Leather Business Card Holder – $10.99


This is the perfect gift for keeping business cards neat and clean. The outside leather on this card holder keeps the holder itself looking neat, whereas similar metal card holders can look scratched from traveling in a purse or laptop bag. Also, this one has an area that can be engraved for personalization.

The Leather Business Card Holder is available for purchase from Amazon with 1-2 day shipping options.


  1. Gift Certificate to Viator – $25


Buy your coworkers a gift card toward their next travel experience! Viator is a great source for booking tours and activities while planning a vacation. Support by Viator is available 24/7, so you won’t be leaving your coworker stranded. Help your coworkers have an experience to remember with this great gift!

Available for immediate purchase and delivery at



  1. Assorted Chocolates – $10-$25


Chocolates can be a great gift for your coworker to enjoy themselves or share with their friends and families over the holiday. Our team has purchased and tasted the Ferrero Collection, Scharffen Berger Chocolate Tasting Squares Box, and Lindt Lindor Assorted Chocolate Deluxe Sampler Gift. All three were high-quality and delicious. For dark chocolate lovers, the Scharffen Berger collection is the best choice. The Ferrero collection is good for people who enjoy nuts and includes the Rocher (chocolate, hazelnut, and crisp wafer), the Rondior (dark chocolate, hazelnut, crisp wafer, and chocolate pieces), and Raffaello (almond, milk cream, crisp wafer, and shredded coconut). The Lindt collection is great if you’re not exactly sure what your recipient’s favorite is since it includes many flavors: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, extra dark chocolate, vanilla, stracciatella, and caramel.

The Scharffen Berger collection available here. The Ferrero collection available here. The Lindt collection available here.


  1. This Might Be (insert favorite liquor here) Mug / Water Bottle – $10-$20 (multiple items available)


Have a coworker with a sense of humor and a known love of a certain liquor? We love the humor in the “this might be vodka” mug and water bottle pictured here. A fun, whimsical gift for a coworker, that they can use for their coffee at work (or whatever they really put in their coffee mug…).

Not into vodka? Do your coworkers like whiskey, wine, tequila, or basically anything other than vodka? No problem! There are multiple versions on Amazon, so you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your recipient.

Multiple sellers have made similar products available on Amazon with 1-2 day shipping. Pictured mug can be found here. Water bottle version can be found here.


  1. Movie Night Basket – $15-$25


This gift is simple and is sure to be a hit, as it can easily be personalized for the coworker who loves to binge watch Netflix over the weekend. Simply purchase a bag or basket and fill it with some of their favorite candy, a few bags of popcorn, and their beverage of choice. You can even slip in a movie or two if you know what they enjoy.

Materials to create your own personalized movie night basket are available locally in your area.



  1. Miniature File Cabinet for Business Cards – $14


No matter how digital the world continues to become, business cards are somehow still around. Often, they end up in a desk drawer or in an unmanageable pile on the desk. This file cabinet measures 6.5 x 4.5 x 6.5 in, so it doesn’t take up a lot of room. It also has a digital clock that gives both date and time. Help your coworkers stay organized and never lose contact information they need.

The Business Card Filing Cabinet is available for purchase from Amazon with 1-2 day shipping.


  1. Finger Football – $6


If you have a coworker who is reminiscent of Jim from The Office, this gift is a must buy. The office fun guy may make Finger Football the new Friday afternoon past time or a part of your office Olympics.

Finger Football is available for purchase from Amazon with 1-2 day shipping.


BONUS TIP: None of the above feel right for you? People always appreciate a beverage or meal. Pick up a gift card to a favorite coffee shop or lunch spot near work, and they will definitely enjoy it.

Now that we’ve rescued you from procrastinating, get out there (or online) and get those last-minute gifts purchased! Your coworkers are likely planning their escape prior to the actual start of the holidays, so plan your gifting accordingly!

Need our help with your holiday gifting? Contact us at and we’ll get the shopping done for you.