Helping You Enjoy Life More

Did you send your mom’s birthday gift a week late? Are you wanting to be more thoughtful but cannot find the time? Relax & Revel is here to help as your virtual, secret assistant for your personal life. Our consultants craft personal, memorable experiences and gifts for you and those you care about. Accessible by email, text, and phone, Relax & Revel gives busy people a one-stop shop where they can save time and stress and still enjoy life events. Our mission is to create more quality time and thoughtfulness for friends and families, near and far.

How We Got Started

Founder Mary Ann Jentz McDufford is known among friends for sending cards for every occasion, hosting Pinterest-worthy parties, and being the go-to bridesmaid and stand-in sister many times over. While traveling 47 out of 52 weeks one year as a management consultant, she experienced first-hand the challenges of being thoughtful and being able to make time and plans with those she loves.

Realizing the value having a little help could bring to the lives of many, Mary Ann created Relax & Revel to take care of the details. You don’t have to feel like you’re not as thoughtful as you want to be. You don’t need to skip events or miss celebrating milestones. Relax & Revel takes care of the details with your vision in mind. You focus on enjoying time with your friends and family.

Why You Can Relax & Revel

Relax & Revel focuses on planning and management of your personal dates and events to help you be more thoughtful. By partnering with event planners, local print shops, unique gift retailers, travel agents, and more, we deliver top notch experiences, events, vacations, cards and gifts personalized to you. We are a one-stop shop for your personal life that you can access at home or on-the-go. Our team is committed to building a relationship, so that we can anticipate your needs and make your life less stressful and more fun.

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