Does your personal life sound like this?

• Tired of surfing the net and Pinterest for inspiration and then, having to put the whole party together?
• Want to be more thoughtful but limited on time?
• Struggling to think of the perfect gift for a loved one?
• Is your friend getting married or having a baby, but you have no time to plan the special occasions?
• Need someone to nudge you into actually taking a vacation?

Meet Relax & Revel. We’re your secret assistant for your personal life. Our mission is to create more quality time and thoughtfulness for friends and families, near and far. Our consultants craft personal, memorable experiences and gifts for you and those you love.

What’s in Our Name
Our name is our guidance to you! We are here to assist you in your personal life, as little or as much as you like in many areas including:
• Celebrations
• Casual Events (evenings out, date nights, girls’ night in, family night, etc.)
• Wedding Support
• Vacations
• Cards
• Gifts
• Bespoke Requests

We are here to save you time and take the work out of your personal life. You get to focus on enjoying time with family and friends.

We’re Here Because of You
I founded Relax & Revel because I felt strongly called to help people with their daily frustrations. Our careers and lives are only getting more demanding, our time on this Earth is short, and many people look back with regret, wishing they spent more time in their family and friends. I heard from others that they want to be more present in their lives with their friends and family, just as I do. We, the team at Relax & Revel, are a support system to help you do just that.
The events, gifts, and experiences you get from Relax & Revel are not “cookie-cutter” or manufactured. We work with you to ensure each experience has a personalized feeling for you and those you are sharing it with. Our commitment to you is to always deliver high-quality results while you relax and let us sweat the details. You can be more present with your friends and family, knowing the details are all taken care of.
We Value You & Your Thoughts
As I said, we’re here because of you. Our team would love to hear from you, to help guide us in what you really need and want. You can always reach us at Please send us your requests for blog topics, provide feedback on posts you have read, or simply say hello! This is a place for you, and we thank you for coming on this journey with us.
Let us do the work. You Relax & Revel.
-Mary Ann, Founder of Relax & Revel