Casual Events

Looking for something new to do? Tired of binge watching TV? Let us plan and coordinate your night, whether it be a night in at home or a night out on the town.

Date Night to Your Door

Meant for families, friends, or couples, our Date Night to Your Door packages are a perfect change of pace to enjoy time with your loved ones at home or another location of your choice. Packages include activities for a fun evening in and easy food and drink recipes to enjoy with those activities, and both one-time and subscription options are available.

Night Out Coordination

Want to plan a special night out? We’re here to help with ideas for families, friends, and couples. We will identify and make arrangements for activities and places to eat. All you have to do is show up and enjoy!

“Relax & Revel combined southern charm and grace with flawless execution. Taking all of the hassle out the planning made the event more enjoyable! I love working with the Relax & Revel team and cannot wait for our next opportunity.”

Emily A., Management Consultant, Washington, D.C.


Date Night to Your Door packages start at $25 and are available for both one-time and subscription options.
Subscription delivery frequency is of your choice (weekly, monthly, etc.). Casual event and evening out coordination
starts at $30 and can vary up to $1,000+ depending on what your needs are.
Contact us to discuss your needs, and we will provide quotes and options for you.